I stumbled upon bonluxat not too long ago while searching for chairs. And it look like a directory of furniture and furnishings to me. It has everything(!) from sofas to rugs to lamps. It has product descriptions, pictures, names of the designers and manufacturers of every single item.

(left) Eero Aarnio Tipi Toy from Adelta
(right) Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien Charpoy from Moroso

(left) R'Pure Studio Fiftyfifty Floor Lamp from Gallery R'Pure
(right) Alfredo Häberli Nais Chair from ClassiCon

(left) Alessandro Dubini Le Roi Cabinet from Zanotta
(right) Ed Annink Birds Rug from Driade

Too bad there's no details on the people behind bonluxat. Whoever they are, they sure have done a terrific job. Above are some great items you could find at bonluxat. Happy Browsing!


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