Below are few curiosities I had lately. The first image is a hand-colored photograph. Do you remember the latest MAAD's newsletter I posted not too long ago?

It was the Painting a Photograph workshop by The Meeting Point that brought me to MAAD. It sounded too exciting to be missed. :) The photograph, dyes, and brushes were provided by The Meeting Point. With just S$8, I got to learn how to color a photograph and bring the colored-photograph home. I felt like I had scored the best deal ever(!). Seriously. I was a bit puzzled when Gwen of The Meeting Point asked me to sign on the photograph and bring it home. The first thing came to mind was "what??", then "why??". But of course, it'd be silly to ask her those, so I just gladly obeyed. :-)

The other curiosity I had was a furniture design workshop at Raffles Design Institute. Not exactly an interest of mine, I just wanted to know and understand the process of designing a chair and making a scaled model using balsa wood.

The above left picture was taken by the lecturer, Eric Lim *thanks, Eric!*. I'm at the far left on the pic, and yes, I think I was the oooooldest participant there. *haha*. There were a nice young couple and two newly-graduated high school students participated in the workshop as well. The above right picture is the scaled model I did. It's not exactly turned out like I wanted it to be, but hey, it's the perfect size for my origami papers! *another haha*. And... believe it or not, the best design from that workshop was produced by one of the newly-graduated high school students. Which made me wonder... what kind of things they teach in high school nowadays? :-)


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