Mariann Johansen-Ellis, Singapore

Remember my linocut and etchings work? Well, Mariann is my guru of these two courses that I took at STPI. I didn't know that she has an online shop, Art Can Be Fun, selling her beautiful and playful prints, until I saw her URL on her email today. And guess what, she offers FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world! How fantastic!

Mariann is originally from Denmark, and she moved to south of Spain in 1989, where she first discovered printmaking. She has been living in South East Asia since 1999, and currently lives and works in Singapore. If you'd like to get a closer look of her prints, catch her tomorrow and Saturday (Mar 2 & 3) at the Loewen Gardens fair, block 75 - 81 Loewen Road, Singapore.

oh btw, I own that bottom left print, and I'm loving it! :)


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