Singapore Design Festival has just started on Nov 28, and IAMACREATIVEPERSON is taking part of the event. It's a new design initiative to promote creative thinking and action through business, art, design and media to the people of Singapore.

IAMACREATIVEPERSON is showcasing selected famous product ideas and items of Japanese top creators and artists at the Old Supreme Court, Singapore, from Nov 28 till Dec 8, 2007. Plus, there's a design market where you can purchase products from local artists/designers, or the japanese products exhibited. Click on Designers to see the full list of the exhibitors. Above are some shots taken from their photo gallery. A design conference, when DESIGN meets market, will also be held on Dec 3, 2007 at the Victoria Theatre, Singapore. Click here for more details on the speakers.

I have to say IAMACREATIVEPERSON is one of the must-visits of this year's festival. Must, must! Check out the rest of the festival excitement here. Enjoy!


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