Oleana, Norway

I first learnt about Oleana when I was in Copenhagen last June, flipping through the city shopping guide book found in our hotel room. Because of its gorgeous picture and its close proximity to our hotel, I decided to give it a look. And oh boy, you can immediately(!) feel its fine craftmanships once you touch and feel any of its textile products. Seriously. So last August, I emailed Oleana to ask if I could use some of their pictures on my blog. *Their website clearly indicates that permission is required prior usage of any images.* I heard no news from them until last week. *Thank you!*

Using the best natural fiber materials sourced from around the world, every single piece of Oleana is knitted and sown at their own factory at Espeland, just outside Bergen. Oleana has won numerous awards and distinctions in the area of design and entreprenuership since its conception in 1992.

Founded by Signe Aarhus, Kolbjørn Valestrand and Hildegunn Møster, Oleana has been working with designer and photographer Solveig Hisdal from the beginning. You could learn more about their inspiring stories on how they started Oleana and all the inspirations behind it here. A must read, indeed.

(images: Solveig Hisdal, Oleana)

Thanks, Britt!


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