Last thursday Cory emailed me on the recent Dwell.com redesign and the Dwell Design Leader video series that Dwell.com has produced.

The recent Dwell.com redesign gives the site a fresh look, fluid navigation, and flawlessly showcases Dwell’s award-winning editorial content and photography in a way that is distinctly Dwell. As a result, Dwell.com is better positioned than ever as a leader for what’s new in modern design.

The Dwell Design Leader video series is an inside look at some of the most influential, inspirational, and innovative designers in the industry today. From landscape architect Andrea Cochran to prefab architect Michelle Kaufmann to co-housing expert Kathryn McCamant to Airstream designer Christopher Deam, a full spectrum of modern design disciplines are explored from a personal and professional perspective.

Here's the latest on Dwell Design Leader video series, the work of architect Adam Kalkin. That man is a genius! We should have some of his push button and quick houses here. Seriously. Watch it and give it some thought.

Thanks, Cory!


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