Not exactly back yet.

A series of viruses has been visiting my home generously for the past two weeks. Hate them(!). It's all started with some flu bugs, and then now, my younger daughter, Tamara, 2yr+, is having HFMD (hand foot and mouth disease). Although Natassja, 4yr+, doesn't seem to have it too, she's been having a minor sore throat for the past few days after the second flu bug kicked in last week, with no rashes/blisters seen. So, I'm keeping both of my girls home now. I'm sorry I haven't been replying to any emails lately, I'm a bit exhausted myself. Guess, I won't be around the blogland for a much longer time.

Take care now.

UPDATE (November 21, 2007): The girls are doing much better now. Natassja has just gone back to school today, and all blisters on Tamara have since dried up, we're just waiting until all are completely gone before we can take her out. Thank you for your well wishes, I guess I'll see you soon. :)


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