It's been a busy summer for us this year, with a string of relatives visiting Singapore right after our holiday trip. Our last batch of visitors (my brother and his family) left last Thursday, but we'll be leaving this afternoon for Jakarta, Indonesia, for a cousin's wedding next week. Meanwhile, please enjoy these few links.

Jan's sample posts at Apartment Therapy!!

Congratulations to Jan for being selected as one of the finalists in AT's Blogger search. Woohoo!!! I'm so thrilled to see her posts on a big site like AT. Well deserved, Jan! :) Check out her posts on Kalon Studios, Lunar Lounge, and House Tour: John and Arounna's Toronto Loft, and comment away folks!

Builtby Lamps by Inhabit

You may call me bias, but as a consumer, I know when I see a smart product like Builtby Lamp. It allows you to create your very own lamp base using the available shapes, colors and finishes. Simply drag and drop the body pieces onto the lamp pole, then the swatches onto the pieces, and voila! you've just taken part in designing your lamp! ;-) If you're not the creative type, you can always opt for the Inhabit's Builtby Lamp designs here. Have fun!

Thanks, Mike!

ThreeLayerCake's this week interview with Kiki van Eijk

Next week, Kristina will be doing an interview with Kiki's partner, Joost van Bleiswijk. Don't miss it, stay tune to ThreeLayerCake!

Thanks, Kristina!

Take care.


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