It's been a busy week for me. I got too many errands to do before flying off this afternoon. I'll have a series of travelling for the next 6 weeks. So, I won't have too many posts during this period. I would, however, pop by to my 100% links (see this blog's sidebar) whenever I could. I love reading blogs too much!

Where am I going? Well, today, we'll be flying to Malang, Indonesia, for my husband's high school reunion, then we'll be back here and stay for 3 days before leaving for Bangkok, Thailand, and come back home again for a week, and then off to Jakarta, Indonesia, for my nephews', sisters', and in-laws' birthdays! We are all geminis and cancerians! :) well, okay... maybe not all of us, but we have 7 birthdays to celebrate in the month of June. Talk about coincidences!

I feel really bad not able to reply all the comments, but I truly appreciate that you all stop by and read my blog. Thank you. :) Now I leave you with more japanese links, found thru BG SHOP:
  • Yurio Seki's Salvia shop
  • Masafumi Arita's New Esperanto Label Textiles
  • Rica Takada's Weekend Stroll

    And a tip from Kristina, summer t-shirts by Mary. Love that owl!

    Happy Browsing! See you soon!
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