Bangkok Trip

Well, it was more of like a family trip for us, because we brought the kids and their grandparent along, too. So sadly, I don't have too many pictures to share here with all of you since most of them are family pics. :-) Yup, yup, for that Malang trip, hubby and I left the kids with the grandparent in Singapore. That explains why I have fewer pics from Bangkok. :)

There are too many interesting places to visit and too many nice & cheap things in Bangkok, but we had too little time and too much bagage (mostly baby stuff). Every place that we wanted to visit we had to think about the kids, too. That's why we spent only two hours in Jatujak (Chatuchak) Weekend Market, while most people could spend one whole day there. That place is unbelievably huge! A map is definitely a must, unless if you can speak thai to ask for directions.

And have you heard of SiamParagon before? It's Bangkok's newest shopping mall. It's just opened less than eight months ago and said to have the same owner as our Paragon shopping mall on Orchard Road. But it's sure nothing like the Paragon here, the SiamParagon is sooooo much better! This place is so beautifully designed from top to bottom, and I have to say, they have some really impressive tenants there, such as True Brand Concept Shop, Martha Stewart Signature Furniture, Kate Spade retail shop (retail shop, I say, not just a counter), and more.

You can even find Siam Ocean World on SiamParagon basements. We went to the Siam Ocean World, and it's much bigger and nicer than Singapore's Underwater World. Sorry to say this, but Natassja says so, too. ;-)

It was a short holiday, but we enjoyed every minute of it. I wish we could've stayed longer there. Perhaps one day, we could go back there again.


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