The W* House

Kay of Wallpaper has just told me about Wallpaper's newly launched interactive catalog, The W* House. It aims to document a selection of Wallpaper favorites pieces of design from around the globe, room by room. The catalog will be updated with new favorites from time to time, building it into an archive for as long as the pieces are for sale.

Here are my top favorites from The W* House.

(top) Sideboard by Abdul Ghafoor / Kursi
(middle left) Wired King Lamp by Autoban
(middle right) EUro Lantern by Moooi
(bottom) Brio Chairs by Mikiya Kobayashi

Click here to see the rest of The W* House. Bookmark it if you don't want to miss out on their future additions. Have fun in the house! :)

Thanks, Kay!


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