Illustrative 09, Berlin

A note from Katharina of Illustrative was received yesterday, telling me about the Illustrative festival happening in Berlin this coming October. I felt like I had seen that festival logo before, but I couldn't recall exactly when and where. Anyhow, if you're just as confused as I am on what the festival is about, Katharina was kind enough to share some information.

Illustrative is an annual international festival for contemporary illustration and graphic arts, founded in Berlin, in 2006. After great success of Illustrative' past festivals in Paris and Zurich, the festival will return to Berlin this year for 17 days, commencing on October 15.

With 600 works from more than 80 artists, Illustrative 09 showcases an inspiring density of contemporary illustrative art and graphics, selected by a curatorial committee lead by Berlin-based curator Pascal Johanssen. The show will be supplemented by an exhibition of the winners of the Swatch Young Illustrators Award 2009 (more details on next post).

So mark your calendar people, it's October 15 for Illustrative 09!

(images are from past Illustrative events)

Thanks, Katharina!


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