Villa Lagoon Tile, USA

Yesterday, Lundy of Villa Lagoon Tile, an Encaustic Marble / Cement Tile producer in Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA, sent me an email after she saw my recent tile photo. And I was so glad she did. Really. Not only she carries a fantastic tile collection, but she also has a long list of other Encaustic Cement Tile manufacturers around the world on her site(!). *a Must See!*

Above are my top picks from Villa Lagoon Tile, (top) Venetian, and (bottom) Surf tiles. And guess what.., each of Villa Lagoon Tile is handmade-to-order in the same way that hydraulic encaustic tiles have been crafted since 1857. Amazing, isn't it? Click here to learn more about encaustic cement tiles, Lundy's site offers everything you need to know. :)

Thanks to Lundy and her list, now I know we have similar manufacturers in Indonesia; in Jogja and Bali. :)


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