We'll be leaving early for the coming school holiday, heading back to our hometown, Jakarta, Indonesia, this afternoon. I'm not actually quite done catching up with my blog readings yet, but I'll leave you with these great finds around the blogland I've found so far.

MISHA Handmade Wallpapers

Silk hand-painted wallpapers are now available for viewing at the MISHA showroom in Milan, Italy. (via Poppytalk)

Stories and Tales Exhibition
This exhibit was curated by Susan Schwake to express the theme of visual story telling and evoke a bit of quiet mystery. Each artist hails from a different area of North America from Toronto (Darryl Berger) to Boston west (Abby Glassenberg) and North Carolina (Alena Hennessey) to upstate New York (Tara Hogan). They each bring a different visual language with their individual artwork. Together as an exhibition they will tell a new unique "tale". Exhibition will start on March 7 till March 31, 2008. (thanks, Susan!)

Lines & Shapes

Congratulations to Lena and Mav on the launch of LINES & SHAPES !

Craig Ward

Wish You Were Here, an A1 Papercut Illustration by Craig Ward, 11 hours to complete. *jaw-dropping WOW* (via Royal Buffet)

Bokja Design

Gorgeousness from Beirut, Lebanon, as featured on Palace Costes 2007 and Jasmin 2007 magazines. Oh how much I wish I had one of these. Click here, or this flickr to drool over. (via decor8)


by St├ęphanie Marin at the Interior Design Show, Toronto, Canada. (via Green Design Girl)

Enjoy! I'll see you in 2 weeks. :)


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