Grønlykke, Copenhagen

Grønlykke is surely one pretty shop in Copenhagen, Denmark. I believe their brick and mortar shop has more items than what they have online. When I was there last June, they had tons of embroidered pillows, well, at least more than 6. And if you're a pattern addict like me, I bet you'd loooooove this shop! ;-)

Grønlykke carries some brands you'd seen around the blogland, like Susanne Schjerning, Rice Denmark, GreenGate Copenhagen, Pakhuis Oost, TAJ, and oh, they carry Thomas Paul pillows, too. So can you imagine how excited I was seeing all those brands for the first time? Well, okay, it's not my first time seeing TAJ pillows, but still.. I was like a little girl in a candy store! :)


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