BOX Furniture by Bokdesindo, Indonesia

I am so glad to finally blog about a company out of my home country. I saw BOX Furniture at the IFFS 2007 (International Furniture Fair Singapore) trade show few weeks ago. I'm sure everybody who visited BOX Furniture at that time would notice their GREAT collection of mirrors. I'm not just referring to their mirror designs, but also their sizes. They all come in huge sizes!!

I consider myself lucky to find BOX Furniture at the IFFS, as they don't sell their furniture and accesories back in Indonesia. They only do export for the time being. So I got myself one of their smaller version of the round mirror above, which merely fits my trunk. Oh btw, I love their chairs, too, but I have no space for a new chair.

And guess what, the day after my IFFS visit, I saw one of BOX furniture mirrors on Desire to Inspire, being featured in the Inside Out magazine. Awesome.


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