His name is Boontje. Tord Boontje.

It's been a while since I last mentioned his name here, but the thrill to see his works always remains. You can imagine how excited I was when Amelia told me, we were going to meet Tord Boontje. *Thanks, gal!* It was not just seeing his works. It's the person, the designer, whose creations made my heart flutters. I turned insane momentarily after hearing the news. :)

Tord Boontje
Tord Boontje

So last friday night, as any good fan would do, I brought my Tord Boontje's book and Fairy Tail card along to get them signed. Good thing I never had the heart to use the fairy tail card, so it came handy when my two sisters demanded Boontje's signature on just about anything(!). Oh yes, we share the Boontje sista love.. :) But of course, since I only own one Fairy Tail card... it made more sense if I came up with something nicer for my bride-to-be sis... I'm sure you can guess what it is.. ;-) pssssst.... don't tell her yet, it's meant for a surprise....She's getting married in... two days! :)

HP Mini by Tord Boontje
HP Mini by Studio Tord Boontje

It was dreamy, intimate and magical... a perfect Boontje moment.. at Bar 84, Gallery Hotel. I sat next to him and we chatted a little. He told me he's currently moving his studio from France to London. He plans to be based in London starting next year. He's in town for few days to be the guest judge in HP SPACE reality show, where he has to eliminate x number of contestants. And it'll be showcased on the first episode(!), which is tonight(!!).

with love...

It was an honor to see you, Tord, and to see other fellow bloggers, like Lester, Lay Hiang, Joe, Nicole & Darryl. Thanks to HP and Tord for an evening to remember, and... an autographed umbrella to hold on to. :-)


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