Faceless at Pombamarela

I received an email from Ana of Pombamarela earlier this month, informing me about the Uterus cancer alert campaign in Portugal called “Passa a palavra” (translation ”Spread the word”). The intention of the campaign is to alert women/families about a new vaccine for adolescents that helps to prevent this terrible disease. And Ana would like to be part of this campaign by donating half of her etsy sales during the month of May to this “Passa a palavra” project.

Ana is a multi-talented person, a crafter, an artist, and a photographer. She loves doing projects with different kind of materials and always pushes herself to achieve a better artistic level. Amongst her creations, I have to say her "Faceless" photograph series are the ones that really grabbed my attention. Above is my top pick. I can really sense Ana's strong confidence in her photography works, and it's obviously shown on the piece above. "Faceless" is definitely not an easy subject for a commercial photograph, but the fact that Ana chose this subject is surely admirable.

Click here to support Ana. Spread the word!

Thanks, Ana!


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