I was tagged by Lola and Amreta to tell 7 facts/habits about myself. So here goes:

1. I used to have a serious myopia, until I had Lasik when Natassja (my first child) was around 5 months old. Note: serious myopia doesn't come handy during night feedings.

2. I refuse to be sad or unhappy. That's how I cheer up myself. Pathetic, huh? ;-) oh well, maybe a dose of retail therapy and a higher sugar intake would do, too. Haha.

3. I enjoy moments and knowledge. I like taking short courses, just for the sake of "experiencing" and "knowing". So yes, my curiosity is expensive. But hey, life is too short.

4. I'm paranoid about the health of my daughters' eyesight and teeth. Why? Read No.1, plus I have the worst teeth in the family. They decay easily. Hm, alright.. you can stop imagining me without teeth now, please.

5. My nickname is Ida. Even though "Imelda" is my first name, nobody (except school teachers) called me by that name until I was in college. You could call me, Ida or Imelda. It really doesn't matter. But nothing else. :)

6. I'm a sensitive, fierce and messy person, who loves a good sense of humour. Hmmm?

7. I seldom watch TV or listen to music. My husband and I watch TV only when the children are not bouncing, climbing, drawing, playing or sitting on the couch. And I listen to music only when I drive.

Thanks to Lola and Amreta for tagging me. It's always fun to play along, but I hope both of you don't mind if I break the rules by not tagging anybody else. Everybody I know is either in holiday, or getting ready for the summer holiday. :)


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