Great things are happenings every week in the blogland, and they are the thrills of blogging. Please share my excitement on these:

  • My fellow blogger, a real talented illustrator, FLEE, has just announced her work for Ferm Living (Denmark) is up online! She created the Sparrow wallpaper/wall sticker for Ferm Living. YAY! Way to go, Flee! The whole Ferm Living wall stickers collection has been nominated for the Formland Design Award - Spring 2007. Congrats to Ferm Living for the nomination and for choosing one of the best talents of Singapore! ;-) And of course, congrats to FLEE! I'm SO very happy for this woman.

  • Susan of Art Esprit has just launched her first podcast with Leigh Pennebaker, a sculptor from New York City. Congratulations, Susan! More great podcasts coming up, I bet. :)

  • It's BOOK WEEK at Print & Pattern! Bowie has a list of great books for people with a passion for patterns and motifs, like me! :) But I have to warn you, be ready to empty your wallet, her selection is just SO irresistable! For Singapore residents: if you're thinking of buying the books locally, check the prices first. Few books are priced much higher here than in Amazon USA + vpost shipping.
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