I'm catching up with all the great reads around the blogland. Here are few links that you shouldn't miss:

Coxi of Life Fever did an amazing interview with Amy Butler, definitely a must read. Great work, Coxi!

Grace's d*s december shop is open for business with ten indie designer products (by amy ruppel, heather guidero, sara bee jensen, k studio, amh design, janessa from a fortes design, townsend sakai, happy menocal for black pearl press, re-surface design and moontree letterpress).
And don't miss Grace's great post over at BizBoxBlog on how to get your products into shops, and the Posie Gets Cozy links that Grace mentioned (S.U.P.E.R!).

I've been a fan of IVANAhelsinki ever since I saw its collection at Janne's blog last July. So it was a nice surprise to see an email from Pirjo Suhonen of IVANAhelsinki in my mailbox last week. The designer behind IVANAhelsinki is Paola Ivana Suhonen, while Pirjo is in charge of the marketing side of the business. They started IVANAhelsinki 8 years ago with contemporary women wear, and this year, they've launched their home & gifts collection, IVANAhelsinki HEMMA. I have waaaay too many favorites over there, so I can't possibly show all of them here, but if you really must know my fashion favorites there, their ROUVA and GIRLS collections are my picks. If you want to see all of their collections, you have to click on the right arrow located at the bottom of its picture (I almost missed it). Thanks, Pirjo!

So, click away, folks! :)


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