Tamara's Birthday soon

I know it's already half way through July and I haven't been blogging at all. So I thought I'd drop a quick note today to let everybody know what I've been up to. I was caught up with some work and health issues after my return from Jakarta, and now, I'm busy preparing Tamara's first birthday party this coming Saturday, July 22.

Here's a picture of French Bull's plates I'm planning to use to serve the cupcakes at the birthday party. I'm thinking of stacking them up with cups in between. For some reason, it's just so hard to find a 3-tiered cake stand here in Singapore, or even the 2-tiered one.

I've been doing some cutting and gluing for the past few days, and... yessss, I knooowwww..... it'd be much faster if I had a sewing machine to make these party streamers, but I have no plan of using sewing machine frequently, so... gluing, it is. And I still have few more to go! Arrrghhh!! ;-)

Tamara is chattier now and she always wants whatever Natassja is eating, even though she only has 3 teeth. :) I'm both anxious and excited about Tamara's party. I just hope it would turn out fine.

I'll see you again after the party is over. Cheers!


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