DesignEDGE 2005

Another GREAT thing has emerged to LIFE! It's DesignEDGE 2005! A Conference and Expo of Animation, Art, Fashion, Music, Interactive, Urban and Print Design. Featuring creative designers from USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Belgium, and Singapore. If you're studying or working in design industry, you can't afford to miss this one. I think it'd be good to get fresh, new insights of revolutionary designs offered by today's creative talents. I would LOVE to see more of these items available in the market. You'll see what I mean if you visit their site here. It has the details on the creative people who'll be featured in the exhibition, and there are just TOO many to be mentioned here! This event will be held at Suntec CIty Hall 401, 402 on November 10-12 in Singapore. BE THERE!


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